AN06 Week #4 Progress

For Week #4, I work on the feedback you gave me and also started to look for audio for my next shot. I had problem with uploading my film reference to my computer. So I made quick reference in maya to show my idea for the new audios I found. I hope it will give you an idea of where I want to head.

Dancing Shot

  • Made her body move in a circle motion at the ending. Insted of her move screen right to left but down in a circle and then up. (Fix ending motion)

Dialogue Shot

(Shot 1)

  • Open lid more for quick look
  • Faster hand slam and also cheat rotation with slam
  • Have head rotate to screen right before rotating to screen left
  • Have mouth more on screen left side of face

(Shot 2)

  • Getting a “U” shape on the mouth
  • Making eyeball look at the person she talking to

(Shot 3)

  • Added shape on eybrow when she say “you never….”
  • Move peak of eyebrow farther down the eye
  • Move mouth to be more on one side of face

(Shot 5)

  • Added a head turn at the end to have her feel alive

New Shot Audio

I found three audio that have different tone in them. I didn’t have time to shot reference for the audio but I will give my idea for the shot.

Audio #1 (“Kill my mother)

REF_1: Have then across the table and #1 with each respond lean in more and more. Person #2 is the one in the beginning to have a tried face until the first slam on the table. After that, her face with each respond get more and more annoyed.

REF_2: Person #2 is leaning against the wall relax until the first slam. Causing her to flinch and be more focus. Then she get more and more angry.

Audio #2 (Kill my boy)

An old man is holding the hand of person #2 and he is smiling a little. But after her respond, he grab her shoulder and chest. Leaning into her with a angry expression. In the beginning, person #2 isn’t looking at the old man. Then later she look at him.

Audio #3 (My Fault)

She is on the floor petting the round monster ball (like a dog) with an relax happy expression. But then later get angry and as she angry. She wave her arm and look to the side of her but she doesn’t turn around to see him.

I’m leaning to Audio #1 REF 2 or Audio #2.

STARTED OCT. 18 2021


OCT. 24 2021

12:40 pm