AN06 Week #3 Progress

For Week #3, I work on the notes you gave me for each of the different shot. And here is all the notes that I address that you gave out to me on the feedback.

Dancing Shot

  • Push the first jump so she would go farther to screen right
  • On the part where she jump and spin around, I made her continue to move to screen left. Making her land somewhere farther on screen left.

Parkour Shot

  • When the he fall down with the bar, I made his right arm do a rotation. His left arm do a reach to catch the bar.

Dialogue Shot

(Shot 1)

  • You can see her eyes more when she looking down
  • Fix the eyebrow so the end point isn’t too low
  • Brought back her half eyeball look (lower the eye lid)
  • She look turn her head sooner and faster
  • Quicken hand slamming table

(Shot 2)

  • Fix the thing in-between the eyebrow
  • Added half blinks when she looking around
  • Added new hand gesture and made them lead the action

(Shot 3)

  • Work on the eyebrow to have the little dip in them (like you said to have in them)
  • Have her look a little sad when she say, “You never take me seriously”.

(Shot 4)

  • Softer expression so she doesn’t look mad
  • Have her eye close to give the effect of her begging

(Shot 5)

  • Have the mom (black one) hold her pose until the daughter (white one) is finish with her action. Then made it feel more snappy and just drop her hand.
  • Also remove the mom leaning back but now just falling forward.
  • The daughter have a smug face at the end when she say “Ok”.
  • Also added half blink when she look forward and away from the mom.

STARTED OCT. 11 2021


OCT. 16 2021

12:40 pm